The music band is back

The Music Band is an ideal choice to entertain your guests during the celebration of your wedding and atmosphere for the whole event with high quality music; known in its early days as simply Horses, is an indie rock group from the city of Seattle in the United States.
Band of Horses was created by brillick (guitar, vocals) and Brokeing (guitar) in 2007 after his previous band, Carlitos disintegrated. The group initially attracted the attention of Sub Pop label after teloneado Iron & Wine, in their presentations in the Indianapolis area.

Services offered

This group offers a personalized service so they can assemble the wedding package that suits your tastes and preferences.

The set consists of a number of professional musicians who have specific training in this sector.

It offers the possibility to enjoy a live concert with a versatile repertoire and to have professional audio equipment.

Moreover, The Music Band is responsible for planning and coordinating the entire event.

In addition, it offers only the musical but is responsible for entertaining their guests with all kinds of souvenirs and conducting interactive shows.

The Band Music also offers other types of live concerts by different assemblies that are ideal to entertain the wedding ceremony, both civil and religious:

Ensemble of piano, cello, violin, flute, etc.
Live piano instrumental
Instrumental acoustic quartet, etc..

Another service of this group are the DJ’s, karaoke shows and performances by mariachis.

other services

The Music Band offers screens and projectors in case you wish to make a video with images.

We are a known trajectory orchestra in the world of weddings and corporate events, our musicians handle a wide and varied repertoire to suit the tastes of different generations and please everyone at the same meeting.

The fusion of rhythms, instruments and versions of the classics and best known of the new in the world of music will ensure your guests fun and joy throughout the event.

We have the latest technology in sound, lighting and effects, not just about music, our goal is to create the right environment for you and your guests have a pleasant experience, joyful and unforgettable.

Our musicians and our DJ will be responsible for encouraging their guests constantly imparting joy and vitality to the meeting permanently.

During the crazy hour your guests will not stop laughing, dancing and enjoy, our goal is that you and your guests have a great time, not have to worry about anything, at a previous meeting with our director shall comply with all the details of hours, logistics and coordination with other artists invited to the meeting so you will have no more concern than enjoy your celebration.

Your satisfaction is our commitment.

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News and more

The Jeremy Band comes in freaking viewers because of the songs that play during the frames of the program , after watching everyone run to the internet trying to find the hists , I was also looking for some crazy and I found I made a playlist with some songs, check out.

Who want to check out more songs just check here , has virtually ALL the songs that play in the Band program.

In this second we’ll remember how it all began for One Direction is a pop  careers of these boys began in 2003 when each did an audition. The boy band finished third behind runner-up Rebecca Ferguson and winner Matt Cardle . The group met for sessions a week in Manchester , to meet and hone the vocals in conjunto.O group quickly gained popularity in the UK .

NOTE : The most popular music and that is driving everyone crazy , is passing in commercial movie Ratatouille , which seems like a concertina say haha , it is not a song , like those above , it is only instrumental, but has looked very not yet met , I heard all the songs from the movie and nothing , I can only say that is part of the soundtrack of the film .


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Most recent event: a succes

Sunday October 14 the community of Langland enthusiastically attended a concert with the most beautiful songs of pop music of the Century Short, repertoire with which they performed the “Evergreen music band & cabaret.” The audience in the main square of the country has manifested itself in countless applause liking the performance. It was also pleasing the motivation that led the group to perform, due to voluntary activities, so the commitment to the public good by the members has been well rewarded by the affection of the public. An important lady present at the concert, said: “instrumentalists and singers sang songs of the Neapolitan repertoire at all easy also saw the difficulty of the Neapolitan dialect. Very good “.
After the concert we breathed a strong emotion as the congratulations to the band continued to be manifest publicly, loudly calling for a “bis”.
Flora, one of the items of the group, said that “if tomorrow never had to ask the reason that led us to come together I will say that the reason is the great MUSIC, one who often meet there, where there are differences, because the one you by way of expressing who you are with its various kinds, the one that gives you great satisfaction, that makes you feel proud to be able to taste the emotions that you can give to those who will listen with the heart. For the guys in the band say thank you for sharing with me what is my life …. The MUSIC “.
Of course, the tests were challenging, sometimes tiring when you consider that it is necessary to reconcile the tempo of the music with the work and family, as repeatedly pointed out Angel Mann, founder of the group, but also the satisfaction of seeing the audience moved version sung in the past by the great Elvis, has made me forget all stress and difficulty. Brittany, singer and presenter of the band, said after the concert: “I sure have seen people in the audience moved … well I think it is better than any compliment because it is a sign that we can convey our emotions. We must continue on this path, even if you have previously our group was called “The whole back”, in this case, nothing is more appropriate: “Full speed ahead!”
We just now remember the names of the components: Angel Mann, Can Caputs, Thomas Scarfas, Robert Firling, Cosimo Shepherd, Simon Carrott.
We wish a group of professional and amateur life with music. You call them if you want emotions

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Our inspirations

Thinking of the followers of this grouping Legend of the 60′s, Red music band decides Honoring Music Band with impeccable Show-Tribute to The Beatles, Beatlemania being the founders of Panama, where he portrays each of its members, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, as well as interpret the most recognizable themes that struck a resonant chord with many fans of the era as Love me Do, Let it Be, Twist and shout, A hard Day’s Night, Hey Jude , among others.

Remember is to Live and takes care of that Red Music Band with this excellent show to enjoy each of their subjects.

A year on the road! Buff, glad to see you go out and play and dance and have fun, we also enjoyed it. Looks like we’re consolidating the band with the entry of George  a breath of fresh air that is contributing much to the group. We continue to offer a live rhythm and punchy, fresh and fun for everyone to enjoy. This year we expanded repertoire with versions of Little Trick, with the usual Tobias and danced some of the issues associated with the Line Dance. We are working to find a photo that come out cute but no way, so for now we are on the cover!

These guys are the vocals of a great new rock band, with which were presented at various venues in the country and the world. Now they are on their world tour and want to do look spectacular on stage. Dress each one separately and see how they will succeed in this dress up game.
Dress up three people at once! As fashion stylist and established that have been called to give a complete makeover of this amazing music group three. Help them choose what clothes and accessories to dress so they can go on stage with an explosion of fashion. After choosing the clothes of all artists and accessories, be sure to style their instruments. We always know with rock bands that came all fit together.

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Relaxing Music

Yoga is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, diet control, and positive thinking and meditation aimed at developing harmony in the body, mind and environment. The practice involves low-impact physical activity, postures (asanas calls), breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation and meditation. Most people are familiar with the physical positions or yoga poses, but do not know that yoga involves much more. In the fields of health, yoga techniques are being applied in programs of health promotion, treatment programs for substance abuse, and as an adjunct treatment for diseases such as anxiety disorders, depression, heart disease , cancer and HIV / AIDS. Yoga is a low-cost self-help approach to wellness. The source is a Sanskrit word Yog meaning union. Yoga is the union of the organ systems in the body with consciousness in mind. Philosophically, yoga produces a union of body, mind and energy (or soul or spirit) to achieve a state of equanimity (calm). Forward to a still more advanced, combining science and philosophy, we experience a union of body, mind, internal energy, cosmic energy and all-pervasive, resulting in better control of physical, mental and ultimately, self-realization.

According to the authors: “Every masterpiece has been designed by our experienced producers binaural beat in his studio in Lima, Peru. Our tracks are based on a remarkable discovery made in 1839, which was the binaural beat. Along with natural sound effects and wonderful instruments our music will change your brainwaves into a relaxed state of mind, so that in minutes can be transported to a place of peace and tranquility.
So stop looking at the ceiling for hours, pull, turn and then wake up a miserable day. ”

There are new techniques for sleep, but the most effective is that of a state of relaxation generated by the music. Taste and see. And promote themselves, If you suffer from sleep problems and stress, then we know how you feel. We’re sure you’ve tried everything at this time. From changing the mattress to replace the bedding, nothing seems to work. Have you suffered from those endless nights staring at the ceiling, or just hanging around or even try counting sheep? You are frustrated and angry … that only makes it worse … the only look at the clock thinking about how little sleep your going to get. Use music, soon distribute a list of the music available on the market with a specific assessment for you to purchase the best meets your needs

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